How It Works

3 Easy Steps For A Custom Mouthguard 


Step 1

After ordering, we send an impression kit to create a custom guard that is shaped precisely to your teeth.

Custom mouth and night guards | Dental Guard | All Star Teeth


Step 2

Follow the instructions on how to make a correct impression, and send the kit back to us.


custom mouth guards                        custom mouth guards


Step 3

You will receive your custom mouthguard and/or night guard to protect your smile and mouth. 

Custom Night Guard For Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) | ALL STAR TEETH | Professional Dental Lab                Custom Made Sports Mouth Guard | ALL STAR TEETH | Professional Dental Lab



We are committed to have a 100% satisfaction rate from our customers, and promise to provide high-quality custom mouth guards from the same source as dentists. Guaranteed comfort and satisfaction with 100% Money Back Guarantee OR a guard replacement!

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