Benefits Of Wearing A Mouthguard


Night guards and mouthguards protect and preserve your valuable teeth

Protect your teeth with a custom mouth guard

Mouthguards may seem unnecessary, uncomfortable and expensive, but here is a list of benefits of wearing a night guard and/or mouthguard. 

During any physical activity, you can easily break or crack a tooth – that’s how sports are! When this happens, the tooth structure is lost and the pulp is exposed, making the damaged area more sensitive.

Damage to the teeth can also occur from constant grinding and clenching. Bruxism (or night grinding) can severely abrade teeth that can cause many complications later on.

When wearing a guard, you protect your teeth from physical blows and from constant abrasion. Teeth are essential because it serves many purposes, so its preservation is important because you’ll be using them for a lifetime!

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can change your face shape

Teeth grinding (bruxism) and changing your face shape

Your bite maintains the integrity of your facial structures, especially the posterior teeth. When tooth structure is lost, this is compromised because the bite collapses followed by a cascading effect, leading to muscles on the face losing integrity.

Avoid other future dental issues (this is an investment)

Invest in a guard to avoid future dental work

Prevent future problems by wearing a guard. Root canal treatments are avoided because severe abrasion may lead to the exposure of the pulp which makes the tooth really sensitive. Dental crowns and bridges are also avoided. Prosthetic work such as these are costly, so it’s best to invest in a guard to prevent destruction and damage of your teeth. This will also help avoid splinting and TMJ treatments which are also tedious to treat.


Why is grinding harmful? 

Why wear a mouth guard when playing sports?