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Custom Mouthguards and Night Guards


Custom mouth guards to protect your teeth


At All Star Teeth we produce our custom mouthguards at a dental lab in the USA, while having a service office in Vancouver, Canada. Servicing dentists for over 10 years, our labs have successfully delivered thousands of custom mouthguards sports and night guards teeth grinding.

Our mission is to protect people from tooth damage from grinding and during physical activity by providing professional dental lab quality custom mouth guards, at less than half the cost!

We promise to deliver the best custom dental products that will protect your teeth from contact sports and night grinding. 


We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee, or a replacement. 


Our Story 


For those that suffer from teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism), the only solution is to protect your teeth or they will damage and grounded down to stubs in the years ahead. We understand that custom teeth guards are expensive and rarely covered by insurance. Your dentist may charge $400+ (up to $600 sometimes!). This is a large cost when you pay out of pocket!

This is the same during physical activity when your teeth, tongue, cheek, and other soft tissues in your mouth are at risk of being damaged. We provide the best custom mouth guards on the market to protect your teeth and mouth.


Night guard to protect from teeth/night grinding and clenching (bruxism)


Our mission is to protect people's teeth by providing the custom dental lab quality products, at a much lower cost.


Why pay more for the same product, when you can go straight to the source? 


Save 70% of custom dental mouth night guards at All Star Teeth


Here’s what most people don't know: dentists generally do NOT make their dental products.

The $400+ custom night guard a dentist provides is made by a dental lab. When taking a teeth impression from the dentist's office, that impression is sent to a dental lab where your custom night guard is made. Two weeks later, when you pick up your night guard at your dentist's office, the completed night guard is charged 300%-400% more than its actual cost. 

We provide the same professional dental lab quality guards at a lower cost because there is no dentist to charge a fee in between.


Why Buy Your Mouthguard From Us?

Our mouthguard are made by dental technicians with years of experience in the industry. Each mouthguard is carefully inspected for quality before we send it to you. We strive to maintain the highest quality night guards that are 100% BPA and latex free, while providing the best customer experience.


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Why Custom Made?


The fit of your mouth guard is extremely important. When sleeping you need full comfort or your sleep will be disrupted, and your night guard can even come off in the middle of the night. Any misalignment in a night guard could lead to many different complications.  

Our care and attention ensures that your custom night guard fits perfectly and you're 100% comfortable with it.


Our Promise To Our Customers


We are committed to have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from our customers and promise to provide high-quality custom night guards from the same source as dentists. Guaranteed comfort and satisfaction with 100% Money Back Guarantee OR a night guard/mouthguard replacement!