Which Night Guard Should I Buy?

Which Night Guard Should I Buy?

July 13, 2018

 Which Night Guard Should I Buy?


Soft Night Guard 


Soft Night Guard | All Star Teeth | Teeth Grinding Clenching High Comfort Evening Mouthguard

These are the most comfortable with their soft and bouncy texture. They fully protect your teeth when you have them on in the day and night, so that your teeth will be not be damaged. These custom made soft guards are designed to fit your exact structure and are very flexible. Compared to the hard and hybrid night guards, these are easier to get used to because they have a nice "soft" feeling.
Since these are the most comfortable to bite down on, individuals may unconsciously bite down and chew on soft night guards. The soft night guard texture could be said to be similar to Gummy Bears, so for those that may innately clench or grind on soft material, a soft night guard may get worn down quite quickly. These may be the most comfortable, but they also have the the shortest lifespan since they are soft and less durable than hybrid or hard night guards.

Generally recommended dentists due to their easy adaptability leading to a high customer satisfaction rate.



  • The most common night guards on the market
  • The most comfortable custom-fit night guards,


Hard Night Guard

Hard Night Guard | Heavy Grinding At Night/Evening | All Star Teeth | The Most Protection From Bruxism, TMJ 

The hard night guard is 100% BPA and latex free with an acrylic like feel, but still thin enough to be comfortable while also being the most durable of all night guard types. This night guard is generally used by moderate to heavy grinders/clenchers/knashers, or those that suffer from TMJ. It's best to think of these as an "extra thick retainer" that is 3mm thick and extremely durable. Hard night guards snap onto your teeth and act as a retainer by keeping your teeth straight when worn every evening.

If are experiencing alignment issues with your teeth, or if you know you suffer from TMJ, please consult with a dentist before ordering a night guard online.



  • Non-flexible but the durable night guard available
  • 2-3mm so it's thin, comfortable. and snaps in place
  • Prevents teeth shifting if worn consistently


Hybrid Night Guard

Hybrid Night Guard | Dual Laminate Night Guard | All Star Teeth | Moderate To Heavy Grinders

This night guard combines the best of both worlds - comfort and durability. The hybrid night guard consists of two layers (a soft inside and a hard outside). This night guard can handle heavy jaw clenching/teeth grinding while still provide the soft "gummy" interior and comfort when placing it on your teeth.



  • #1 in overall customer satisfaction, comfort and durability
  • The best of both worlds where you can enjoy a soft texture while having the strongest protection for grinding

Choosing An Upper Or Lower Night Guard? 

When deciding on an upper or lower guard, there may be some factors that will guide your choice. For instance, if you’re missing teeth on either the upper or lower set, you will want to choose the set that has more. Or if you know you’re grinding your teeth, and you need to get a night guard quickly but you have some upcoming dental work on your upper teeth that may change your dental anatomy, you will want to go with the lower teeth(or vice versa). Same thing with loose teeth, or loose crowns/bridge work, etc- You’ll want to choose an opposing guard and avoid the potential to loosen that dental work with the continuous use of a tight fitting night guard.

Now, if you have all of your nice solid teeth on both the upper and lower and no plans for upcoming dental work, it really just comes down to preference . History tells us that the upper guard has been the most common choice, but if feel a lower guard will be more comfortable - go for it. We’ve had many customers say that they prefer

the lower guard, but it really comes down to personal preference.


What Are Night Guards Made Of?

Most night guards are made from EVA material (Ethylene-vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate).The material is BPA free and latex free & is not considered hazardous or toxic by OSHA per 29 CFR 1910.

All Star Teeth products are 100% BPA & Latex free.

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