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The Real Cost To Fix A Broken Tooth

August 28, 2018

Chipped Tooth Repair Cost: How Much for Dental Care

This can range from a few hundred dollars for a small chip that requires dental bonding, to a few thousand dollars for more severe chips or breaks that a require root canal surgery and a crown. 

Some estimates below without dental insurance:

  • Dental crowns: $250 - $2,000, depending on the location and type of crown
  • Fillings: $100 - $500
  • Root canal therapy: $500 - $1,000, depending on location and severity of tooth damage

How Dentists Repair Chipped or Broken Teeth

If your child chips or breaks a tooth, it's important to see the dentist right away. The treatment depends where the tooth was broken or chipped, the severity of the damage, and other factors.

For a tooth with a small chip, your dentist may recommend fixing it with a filling or bond. These procedures can usually be completed in one office visit and don't require extensive dental work or crowns to be placed on the teeth.

For severe tooth damage, your dentist may recommend more advanced therapy. For instance, if a large part of the tooth breaks, your dentist may recommend a dental cap or crown to help fix it. 

In severe cases where the tooth is broken off, but the root structure is still intact, the dentist will likely refer your child to an endodontist who specializes in root canal therapies. The endodontist will most likely perform a root canal to prevent infection.

Remember To Always Protect Your Teeth

At All Star Teeth, we believe that our products should be affordable to everyone, and we provide our sports mouthguards and night guards for 70% less than dentists. Our machines are the most advanced, and we make our mouthguard's look good too!

We know the cost should never keep anyone from getting the treatment he or she needs for a broken or chipped tooth so it's best to prevent your teeth from being damaged! 





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