Custom Night Guards Are Best To Stop Teeth Grinding

Custom Night Guards Are Best To Stop Teeth Grinding

January 07, 2018

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Teeth grinding is generally more serious than people think. Not only does it damage your teeth, but it has negative affects to other parts of the body. Although the reason for teeth grinding is not confirmed, grinding is associated with anxiety, stress or incorrect jaw alignment. Teeth grinding (known as bruxism in medical terms) may cause headaches, facial muscle pain/spasms, jaw/neck pain, and even insomnia. Many people are unaware that they grind their teeth unless a partner or person that has observed them sleep, hear grinding sounds. For those that are unaware, the result may be multiple visits to doctors and specialists, with time wasted and hundreds of dollars in medical fees (if the person is not covered by insurance).


A night guard prevents damage to teeth from grinding and/or clenching at night. It’s a slim device worn over teeth to prevent tooth on tooth contact. Depending on the severity of the grinding, different types of material are used to match the degree of grinding activity. 

Teeth grinding can damage teeth over time causing increased sensitivity, decay and even chipped or broken teeth.


 Teeth grinding damage to teeth  |   All Star Teeth  |  Vancouver, Canada

Teeth grinding can cause extensive damage to teeth over over time, and cause teeth to look worn down and jagged.



There are many types of night guards on the market, ranging from inexpensive one-size-fits-all guards that may be purchased over the counter, to professionally made custom night guards by a dentist.

Over the counter night guards are available for purchase at super markets, pharmacy’s, drugstores, and other places. They are inexpensive with two types available:

  • Standard: a night guard where you could wear it immediately once taken out of the package OR
  • Boil and Bite: where the night guard is put in hot water, you bite hard (when it is hot) for a light impression of your teeth, in order to provide a slightly better fit.


One drawback for over the counter night guards are that they are bulkier, move around, and may come off during sleep. They do not provide a good fit over teeth, may shift during sleep, and present a possible choking hazard when unlatched from your teeth. Both standard and boil and bite guards are loose fitting, meaning less comfort when worn for hours of sleep at a time. 


The absolute best night guard for teeth grinding/clenching is a custom made night guard fabricated by a dental professional. These night guards are made from specific material to treat bruxism (teeth grinding).


We have three easy steps to create a custom fitted, dental grade night guard for our customers:

  1. We send a home impression kit where you take an impression of your teeth.
  2. Once completed, you send your impression back to us where we make a mold - an exact three dimensional replica of your teeth and mouth.
  3. A technician from our professional dental lab will use this impression to create a custom night guard that ensures a snug fit.  


According to Meg Marrs from Life Health HQ (

“Custom night guards are designed to be perfectly molded to your teeth while also being remarkably thin, resulting in a more comfortable fit. While boil and bite guards tend to be cheaper, most people find the thickness of these guards to be far too uncomfortable for long-term use (especially while sleeping).”


There are three types of material that may be chosen for a custom night guard that are based on the user’s need:

  • Soft Night Guard - for light grinding with a soft interior and exterior

Soft night guard for teeth grinding, clenching, TMJ, TMD  |  All Star Teeth  |  Vancouver, Canada


  • Hybrid Night Guard – for moderate grinders with a soft interior and harder exterior

Hybrid night guard for teeth grinding (bruxism), teeth clenching, TMD, TMJ  |  All Star Teeth | Vancouver, Canada


  • Hard Night Guard – for severe grinders, made of hard acrylic material for a hard interior and exterior.

Hard night guard for heavy teeth grinding (bruxism), teeth clenching, TMD, TMJ  | All Star Teeth | Vancouver, Canada


Due to a custom fit, all three types of custom night guards will be fitted for maximum protection and comfort, allowing one to drink, speak and sleep undisturbed while wearing the guard. A custom made night guard is not only the most effective way to prevent teeth and health complications, but is also a worthwhile long-term investment.



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