• Custom Night Guards | 70% Cheaper Than Dentists | All Star Teeth

    Custom night guards

    Always protect your smile

  • Custom Sport Mouthguards For Athletes | All Star Teeth

    custom sport mouthguards

    the best protection

  • Custom Dental Retainers | Keep Teeth Straight | All Star Teeth

    dental retainers

    to keep teeth straight

Custom Night guards

Protect your teeth from grinding (medical term bruxism), and buy a custom fitted night guard. Dental grade quality for 70% less than what a dentists charge. 



Technicians from our dental lab inspect each guard to ensure the highest quality finish before sending it to you.

Custom sport mouthguards

Having a custom fitted mouthguard brings the maximum amount of protection for your teeth. You will breathe easier, speak clearer, and protect your smile better.

Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguards For Athletes | Custom Dental Night Guards For Teeth Grinding | 70% Less | All Star Teeth | Retainers | MMA Football Lacrosse Rugby Roller Derby Hockey

protect your teeth

Our custom night guards and mouthguards are designed to fit perfectly, stay in place, and offer more protection and comfort than any generic guard. 

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